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Solar panels come in a variety of physical sizes, power outputs, voltages, etc. SGW will choose the panel technology that best suits the customer, location, and project. Other equipment such as inverters, racking, disconnect switches, and combiner boxes are carefully selected to produce the most efficient solar system with the highest power output at the best possible price.


Solar panels offer the greatest output when facing south, however a roof facing southeast or southwest is still a great location for solar panels with only a small decrease in power. SGW will design the array to maximize the solar energy, taking into account roof angle, direction of panels, and all nearby obstacles to minimize shading. Roof loading, wind loading, and the way in which the racking is secured are all factors that are considered when the SGW team is designing the system.


SGW will first install the racking system that the solar panels will be secured to. These systems are extremely versatile and provide GSP the ability to install solar panels on almost any roof or ground surface. Almost all racking systems Green State Power installs will be fixed tilt, without the ability to move and track the sun throughout the day. While a tracking system will produce more energy, the additional costs of installing and maintaining this type of system usually outweigh its benefits.


Once the racking has been attached to the roof, SGW will mount the panels using clamps. All metal objects throughout the system are all grounded for safety and protection.


When the panels are in place and securely fastened to the racking system, SGW will then make the electrical connections to finalize the system. The panels are connected to the inverter, and the inverter to the home or building’s circuit breaker panel.

  • 29,4kWp (Vukovic, Dugopolje, Croatia; sub contractor)
  • 225,4kW commercial (Solero, Dugopolje, Split, Croatia; sub contractor)
  • 25,5 kW commercial (OSTROG, Kaštel Lučić, Croatia; sub contractor)
  • 6kw residental (Vir, Croatia; contractor)
  • 5kw residental (Vir, Croatia; contractor)
  • 10kWp commercial (Pecs, Hungary; contractor)
  • 495kWp commercial (Szigetvar, Hungary; sub contractor)




By listening to the customers’ needs and requirements, the qualified personnel of Ecoprogetti advise how to optimize the design and structure of the plant for a tailor made project.
All machines and complete production lines are supplied on a ready to use basis and only a few days pass from the installation start to the production of the first modules.
SGW’s support doesn’t finish with the installation of the equipment but the customers are followed during the complete production ramp-up process and even further.




The success of the module manufacturer is strongly linked with the choice of partners.
Ecoprogetti, in order to guide the customer in the right direction towards success, follows closely the market trend and the manufacturing process.
Working closely to the manufacturing process is also of high importance in order to develop the equipment, test new equipment, test new raw material and last but not less important, study a real time business plan for the customers.
SGW offers a training centre for the customers where they can receive a full know-how transferregarding the production process, working directly with the raw material and the machines.



SGW has its roots in a module manufacturing company so we know the importance of keeping the line running and how costly production stops are.
For this reason particular attention is given to guarantee an efficient and on-time service to the customers and to obtain this, Ethernet connection has been installed in all equipment.
This in-line connection permits a communication between the machines and gives the possibility to Ecoprogetti’s technicians to provide a quick and efficient supervision and assistance through internet. With this connection the machines are also predisposed for a management supervision system of the line.

Moreover a “full assistance package” can be offered, normally for the duration of 1 year, which consists in further know how and advice services for a correct and high quality production process. This package can be formulated also with a full time on site technical presence.
Ecoprogetti’s qualified technicians have years of experience in the photovoltaic industry and can guarantee a prompt technical feedback both regarding the machines as well as questions regarding the production process and raw material.
Both remote and on site assistance is also easily and quickly taken care of thanks to the many worldwide offices.