Solar turnkey solutions

Includes the design and construction of complete machine lines for the construction of photovoltaic modules. The customer receives a turnkey package to enable immediately producing photovoltaic modules ready for sale and installation.


PV manufacturing equipment

Our machines are enhanced for a specific part of the production process for photovoltaic modules. From stringer to the Laminator, the Framing to the Module Testing, any machine can be supplied for integration into a production line (also Infdustry 4.0) or as a freestanding unit.


Testing and R & D devices

We have a range of machiniery for controlling the quality of the PV modules, able to carry out the tests that are required for certification according to market standards.

Manufacturers represented by us: Keyland (China), Ecoprogetti (Italy), P.Energy (Italy), Mondragon (Spain), Komax (USA), Sunnyworld (China)


Solar panels

We offer a wide selection of solar panel products from the most renowned manufacturers.

Manufacturers represented by us: Sunlink PV, Amerisolar (China, Vietnam)


Solar inverters

We offer a wide selection of solar inverter and solar power optimizer products from the most renowned manufacturers (Fronius)


Robot systems

We offer a wide range of robotic systems, from simple collaborative robots to industrial manufacturing cells, with our manufacturing and installation partners.

Manufacturing partners: Fanuc, Motoman, Rethink Robotics, Xorobotx, Hans Robotics and other major manufacturers.